Visual Storytelling with Storyboard

This 1-day master class provides the overview of storyboarding for a film or animation. Participants will experience the creative process to convert ideas or concepts into visible elements with camera angles and shots, and how to organise shots and scenes for better story flow. What you’ll learn: Storyboarding conventions and techniques How to translate screenplay […]

Screenplay: Narrative Crafting Process

This 1-day master class walks through some of the issues faced by most screenwriters during the story development process. You will comprehend what are the common purpose of various classes of characters in a narrative and how do they impact the storytelling process. What you’ll learn: Characters and the Hero’s Journey 3-Act Structure and rules […]

Camera/Shot Composition

This 1-day master class walks you through various rules of cinematic, visual vocabularies and how composition, blocking and framing can aid in telling a story without dialogues. Laying the foundation in cinematography and visual language. What you’ll learn: Cinematic language and it’s grammar The meanings of blocking, framing, camera angles and movements Make use of […]

Visual Storytelling Boot Camp

This 5-day boot camp consists of multiple workshops to assist you to research and craft a screenplay from a story idea to a screenplay written in proper format. You will be exposed to processes and techniques used in the development of an original creative story ideas for the screen. What you’ll learn: The functions of […]

Behind the Scene of Production Works

This 1-day master class focuses on the role of a producer, and how you interacts with the creative team to ensure the completion of a production on time and within budget. This is particularly helpful if you’re involved in the production workflow or any creative media project management. What you’ll learn: SWOT analysis of a […]

Filmmaking Masterclass

Target Audience: Working Professionals from the industry. Duration of Training: 8-hour a day, total 3~5 Days. Our short courses, taught by expert practitioners, will give you relevant practical skills and knowledge to help progress your career. DEVELOPMENT TRACKSCREENWRITING Marsterclass (3 Part Course) Streamline your screenwriting process with this online course that focuses on concept, structure, […]

From Script to Screens

COURSE OVERVIEWThis 5-day course provides a deeper understanding in the process of filmmaking and the relationship between the screenplay and the actual production workflow. PREREQUISITES  English Language (Read and Write) Basic Computing Skills (Mac or Windows)  Basic Videography Skills Basic Production Experience  COURSE OBJECTIVE The aim of the course is to develop the potential of […]