NUKE Visual Effects Compositing

This 1-day master class will guide you through basic node-based visual effects compositing techniques using Nuke, the industrial standard compositing software, and helps you gain hands-on experience compositing and animating raw footage. What you’ll learn: Node-based compositing concepts Animation and keyframing techniques Keying, masking and rotoscoping techniques Motion tracking and screen replacement techniques Requirements: Experience […]

NUKE VFX Compositing Boot Camp

This 7-day intensive visual effects compositing boot camp provides a quick understanding of node-based compositing workflow for high end projects. The workshops will deep dive best practices for both 2D and 3D compositing. What you’ll learn: Node-based compositing concepts 2D transformation and reformatting of images Chromakeying, rotoscoping, colour correction, timing adjustment, motion tracking and other […]

Introduction to Houdini

This 1-day master class helps you to immerse into Houdini’s powerful node-based workflow for procedural modeling for VFX and simulation. You will explore the the software in the context of a simple project guided by the instructor to gain hands-on experience of the software. What you’ll learn: Node-based operations for modeling and animation Basic effects […]