Target Audience: Working Professionals from the industry.

Duration of Training: 8-hour a day, total 3~5 Days.

Our short courses, taught by expert practitioners, will give you relevant practical skills and knowledge to help progress your career.

SCREENWRITING Marsterclass (3 Part Course)

Streamline your screenwriting process with this online course that focuses on concept, structure, story and character. By the end of the course, you will have developed your story idea using the traditional three-act structure and be ready to write your script.

  • Groundwork -Learn about the extensive groundwork you need to do before you start writing, and how to apply those skills to your own screenplay idea
  • Story skills – Develop your skills to focus on concept, structure, story, character and the interplay between them
  • Analyse – Learn how to watch films with a screenwriter’s eye, so you can analyse why they work, or don’t


This short course, delivered entirely online, will introduce you to the tools needed to rigorously assess other people’s screenplays, within the context of the current commercial film, TV and web series climate. Run over two Saturdays, it’s designed to strengthen your story analysis skills and help you develop the tools needed to be a professional script assessor for production companies, funding agencies, broadcasters and distributors.

Script assessments are expected to be completed on a short deadline and this course will teach you a quick and effective way to break down a script, in order to give critical and constructive feedback. In addition to the two-days of online, interactive sessions delivered via Zoom, students will be given the opportunity to test their script assessment skills by assessing two scripts after the course and receiving feedback on their work.

The course includes a refresher on story structure and genre conventions.

  • Learn a structured approach to reading and assessing a screenplay, whilst being sensitive to the aims and intentions of the creative team.
  • Understand the importance of script assessing in the overall development process and be able to recognise the difference between a good idea badly written and an under-developed idea from a talented writer.
  • Learn how to shape your report according to the needs and nature of the organisation you are writing it for.

PRODUCING Masterclass

“What does a Producer do?” An introductory course for a good insight into the role – and how much it varies across different types of content. You will become familiar with the workflows of a producer in both TV, film and creative agencies, and learn the most effective and efficient ways to produce a project. You’ll get real world advice, case studies and information and hear from guest speakers from different areas of the industry.

  • Explore the different roles of Producers, and the major stages in production
  • Get knowledge about building a creative team, script development, research and marketing, finance and funding, legal and insurance issues
  • Identifying the key funding bodies and mechanisms within the industry


During the production of a film, TV, or web series, the Production Designer is a key creative role that involves collaborating with other department heads to create the overall visual style of the film. This course familiarises students with introductory knowledge of Production Design.

  • Concepts of Production Design, an introduction to the creative responsibilities of the production designer as a visual storyteller
  • Design Skills and Previsualisation, exploring the knowledge and skills essential when creating a visual story world.
  • Art Direction, an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of personnel within the art department, and collaboration with other specialist practitioners


This course covers the reason why we should submit to Film Festivals today, Audience Building, Distribution for Your Film, Career Building and Networking, Also students will learn the Hidden Benefits of Film Festivals, The Screening Process and How to Leverage a Film Festival Screening to Help Sell Your Film

  • Audience Building Techniques
  • Networking with Other Film Festival Programmers
  • Discover What Distributors Want and How to Find Them
  • What are Your Chance of Getting a Traditional Distribution Deal?
  • Technical Requirements for Film Festival